In Memory of Gracie (15-18)

July  14,   2002    –    June 5, 2016

Gracie…the most AMAZING Golden Retriever who was so loved and cared for her entire life.  After 13 years with the same family, Gracie was surrendered to GRRIN in October 2015, and went directly to my home to be a permanent foster.  She was shy and timid, but the connection between Gracie and me was instantaneous:  Gracie always was by me, watching me wherever I went; greeting me at the door when I came home; wagging her tail and trying to bark at me as she was running (walking fast) to the back door; she would let all the other dogs out first and they would wait for her to mosey on out; and, she patiently waited for the treat that I always had in my pocket.  She had laser treatments on her hips and back legs that significantly helped her in walking which was another AMAZING accomplishment for Gracie.  She could now keep up with her very best friends, Shelby and Bogie, in playing and running around in the yard.  In a very short eight months that I had Gracie, her personality, loyalty, and adorable antics will be permanently engraved in my heart:  we will always miss her presence.

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