In Memory of Greta Lilly Garbo 10-48


8-11-2007 TO 3-12-2018

It is so very hard to lose your best friend.

Greta Lilly went from a terrified puppy mill mamma to a beautiful, trusting, shy baby girl in the 8 short years that I had her and I was proud to call her mine.




She was my buddy, my shadow, my Pet CPR Demo Dog, my best friend…my Sweet Pea.







Greta loved other dogs, I think she loved Rocky–this was their first date…

…and yes, even her feline sister, Goldie.












Greta became a recognizable figure within GRRIN, always wearing her bows.  She was so tolerant of me and my bedazzling of her ears and never tried to take them off.

Greta learned to swim, but never played like other dogs.

She did have a few soft toys she fancied, but mostly she enjoyed cat toys…Goldie was gracious enough to share, even when Greta ate them.

Greta sure knew how to get comfortable and loved to be outside.

I could dress her up and she was beautiful!

Greta loved baths and being brushed, and sneaking treats after her bath.

Greta loved her DogGurt and was always ready to eat!

She was always such a trooper when she went to the doctor…she never once whimpered or cried out.

Greta battled Lymphoma, and despite all of my efforts and hers, she lost the battle. Cancer Stinks.

The heavens have another bright star and the Rainbow Bridge just got a little more crowded.

Until we meet again my Greta Lilly—-I Love You and Miss You