In memory of Lady 18-02

It is with great sadness that I send this message, we said goodbye to our lovely Lady on September 29th. In the three-plus months she came to her forever home she brought us so much happiness. Thank you for putting us together but it was only meant to be for a short stay. After taking her to our veterinarian, she took x-rays which showed an enlarged liver, and recommended taking Lady home and loving her since her age and weight were a factor in doing surgery. She brought laughter and noise back into our home; playing fetch, taking walks, and rides in the car were her joys and things we did together. In  the last two weeks she began to decline – no more walks. It was hard getting her in and out of the car and I thought she would hurt herself going after the ball but she still wanted to retrieve it.
Thank you GRRIN for having a rescue for these beautiful and smart dogs, that think they are human, and thank you for the loving foster families like Tori Jo and her family who fostered our Lady and fell in love and had to let her go. We kept in contact through texts even before her illness because her family loved her so much. I could go on and on but I think you see she stole our hearts as Goldens do, and I cannot thank you enough for our Lady love, her name fit her, she truly was a lovely lady and full of so much love.