In Memory of Molly 2010

Molly captured our hearts at one a half years old with her loveable personality and wagging tail. We knew she was the right Golden Retriever for us. We adopter her at GRRIN’s annual Gold Rush on Sunday, October 24, 2010, and we have loved her for the past seven and a half years.

Molly was a delight from the first moment we met; such a sweetheart, so well behaved, chewed only her toys and Nylabones, and loved to fetch tennis balls. She could actually retrieve and carry three balls in her mouth at once!

She loved to go for a run each day and was a good hunter with a great nose. Molly thought she was a lap dog, and loved curling up on the couch beside us or cuddling next to us in our recliners. She often went along to visit my Team Mates in our school district. They adored her and she loved them! Molly became friends with students, teachers, administrators, secretaries, and all we met. Her calm, sweet behavior made her a very popular dog.

She was cuddly and fun, and so loved. It was heartbreaking when she suddenly would not eat, and we took her to the vet for tests, x-rays, ultrasound, and surgery on January 1st. We learned that she was full of cancer, and we knew we had to let her go. She was only nine, and it was just so hard to say good-bye.

We miss her happy greetings, wagging tail, unconditional love, and beautiful brown eyes. Dogs just don’t live long enough, but we are grateful for the years we had with our gentle and loving companion. Thank you, GRRIN, and Terry Kirkpatrick, for the chance to love Molly.

Rich and Kathy Woodward