In Memory of Rex (08-36)

It is with the ultimate sadness that we all have experienced that I am letting you know that Rex #08-36 has been set free from this earth.

It was a blessing that his pain was short lived – one week. First symptoms on Saturday-perfectly well on Sunday. But Monday came and all was not well. Blood tests, then X-rays, then an ultrasound. Cancer was destroying his liver from the inside. He had stopped eating and was having difficulty standing by the end of the week and he made the decision quite clear. Dr. Jensen graciously came to my home to send him on his way to meet up with all of my other dogs. He will be in good company until I get here.

Rexy Rex, Rexie Boy, Rex Rex, T Rex, The Poopinator, Rexy Dog, Crazy Dog, Goofy Boy, Sexy Rexy, Silly Boy, Mr. Peebody. This sampling of his nicknames over the 7 years I had him kind of gives you an idea of who he was. He has left a deep hole in my heart and my home. Nicki #11-22 always used him for visual cues on what to do and she still hesitates and looks for him.

Rex was 7 days from his 13th birthday. He was the GRRIN adoption I have had the longest. He taught me so much but most of all that there is always time to MAKE time for one more scratch behind the ears, one more crazy dog roll around on your back, one more truck ride, one more full body stretch from your front toes to the back toes, one more treat, one more swim, one more security check of a rogue leaf, and most of all – and most importantly – there is always, always, always time for one more tennis ball.

Rex 08-36-3

No words can express how much he is missed. He was a spinning, neurotic boy who blossomed into a fun loving, up for anything, happy boy. I am overjoyed to have been his mom for those 7 years!

Rex 08-36-2