Miracle Milo

7/3/2001 – 10/10/2016

What can “466” days mean in one’s life?  For Milo it meant strangers stopping to help a Golden in dire need;  freedom from a shock collar;  medical care;  countless number of people who cared;  security in having a safe, comfortable home with regular meals;  hugs and puppy massages;  gifts from people he would never meet;  trusting humans and believing they are kind.   He soon became very social.  When he saw people he would immediately start walking towards them… he knew that they would pet him.  He loved being outside and investigating whatever there was to investigate.  And, he always wanted to go for a walk that initially started as a run.  Yep, that is what “466” days meant to Milo starting on July 3, 2015, when he became a part of the GRRIN family.   His happiness certainly was reflected in his big, beautiful bright eyes.  He was ever so grateful to have had those “466” days in his life… as we all are to have had him in ours during that time.  He definitely was a Miracle Golden.