Our Tribute to Grace (10-63)

Our Tribute to Grace 10-63 In Loving Memory of Grace (10-63)

We know a little about Grace 10-63. In 2004, she was picked up by a humane society as a stray estimated to be 7 years old. She had recently given birth; but, the puppies were never found. That same year, she was adopted by a rural family who kept her until 2010 when they decided she needed an indoor retirement home. GRRIN accepted her into foster care. Her accompanying vet records showed her age as 11 years. Grace would become a foster dog in our pack.Our Tribute to Grace 10-63

“Grace, your kind transporters loved you when they saw you. You accepted their ride to our vet where you and I met for the first time. Your exam revealed some health issues: a heart condition and other findings, so you had to stay at the vet several days. I visited daily so you wouldn’t forget me. You were so accepting, so gentle and loving.”

Soon after she arrived at our house, we learned that Grace did have some concerns about other dogs. She was fine with our pack and humans; however, attending Meet and Greet Events upset her. She welcomed visits from “the beagle”; and as she became comfortable in our home, she also welcomed other visiting dogs to our yard. (She had no interest in play or toys). Always polite to everyone on our walks, she gradually built her walk distance to about 1.5 miles.

Her coat grew thick and, beautiful – she loved to be brushed. She was smart, and obedient and seemed to enjoy being dressed up for photos. My other two fur girls liked her companionship and we decided to add her to our pack. Adopted in April of 2011, she became “Auntie Grace”. In the winter of 2011/2012, Grace had some medical problems. Always ready to please me, she took her meds, drank water, and went outside when asked. She began to have mobility issues and was never able to rebuild her walk strength to more than ¾ mile. Spring of 2012, she started having difficulty with the stairs and would sometimes refuse walks or ask to return home after one or two blocks. Next, limping prompted an x-ray of her back which revealed spondylosis; and finally, she was unable to bear weight on her right front leg. That x-ray revealed cancer.

“Sweet Grace, even though you lived as a house dog with us, you were ever most content in the backyard; showering in the dew, basking in the sun and watching the wildlife. Occasionally, with that charming smile, you asked to go with us for a walk again. So, off we would go, only to end up standing a few blocks away for several minutes before you felt  you could move on towards home! I wouldn’t trade   anything for the privilege of having assisted you in your final years. From you, I learned to slow down and enjoy the view! And, of course, I’ll never forget your gift of the young opossum! Rest well, “The Sun Will Come up Tomorrow”!   June 29, 2012

 Our Tribute to Grace 10-63