Miss Charity 10-03

Charity was one of those precious jewels that come along if one is lucky. The picture I enclosed was her favorite past-time. She would kill for a tummy rub! There was never any doubt who ran our household, everything revolved around her, just the way she wanted it. A fresh snow was better than Disney Land! I’ve been fortunate to have three such GRRIN dogs. Charity, Amber Dawn and Chloe, all three were the sweetest things on this planet. I have another dog already, not a GRRIN dog, I have moved and no longer would qualify, i.e. no fenced-in yard, etc… so I did the next best thing and went to the local Humane Society and rescued a Siberian Husky who is happy to be here. I’ve never been without a dog in my life, even my tour in Vietnam I found a stray dog. Like all dogs it took him no time to figure out who was feeding him! I saw a good quote recently. “If dogs don’t go to heaven when they die, I want to be sent where they’re at!” Thank you GRRIN for all the blue ribbon dogs I received from you!

Mike Ralph, Omaha, NE