In Memory of Khiloh 11-49 & Kensie 11-50

We are so sad to share that Kensie and Khiloh crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently. Both of these girls were such a blessing to our family and came to us in such a special way. In 2011 we began our search for a new four legged family member only a year after losing our 1st Golden. We were only looking for one dog at the time. I had a dream one night about finding the perfect dog and being told that if I wanted the dog in my dream, she needed to be with another dog. In my dream I drove home with two dogs in the backseat of our SUV. When I woke up, I told my daughters about the dream and they thought it would be fun to have two dogs. At the same time we were on a waiting list with GRRIN. About a week or two after my dream, Khiloh and Kensie showed up on the GRRIN website. I asked my husband how he would feel about two dogs and he agreed we should meet these beautiful sisters.  I called GRRIN right away and we met with the girls. We all fell in love with them that day. I remember Khiloh throwing her whole body into my lap as I sat on the floor of our living room that day. They were the sweetest girls and clearly had been very loved before they came to us.

Khiloh and Kensie were never without tennis balls in their mouths and they showed us that everyday was meant to be full of fun. They often counter surfed and gently took dishes out of our sink without ever breaking anything. Kensie loved carrying shoes, but always held them gingerly. I was constantly looking for the mate of my running shoe. Both girls loved to jump in the car and go places with us; they especially loved the dog park and other outdoor excursions. Our three adult kids helped out by being home as often as possible to play and cuddle with them.

About a year ago, we moved away from Omaha due to a job change for Mike. The girls came with us to the Connecticut shoreline and quickly embraced life by the beach. Khiloh had fun swimming and Kensie loved running on the beach.  The girls continued to share their love of life with us.

At the end of May, Kensie started to limp on her right hind leg. We took her to the vet and x-rays showed that something was going on with her hip, possibly arthritis or worst-case scenario, cancer. We discovered pretty quickly that it was the latter (osteosarcoma). Kensie was surrounded by love and care on her last day.  She was still wagging her tail the morning we helped her cross the rainbow bridge on June 10, 2017.

Khiloh was very sad not having her sister around and we all loved Khiloh through the loss. Khiloh lost her normally great appetite and we worried, but eventually got her to start eating again. She seemed to be perking up when we noticed a change in her appearance. We brought her to her vet and an ultrasound revealed that Khiloh also had cancer, a different form than her sister (hermangiosarcoma). She was not in much pain, but she was in crisis. After a day of fresh salmon, ice cream and a last trip to the beach, we were also with her as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge exactly a month after her sister on July 10, 2017.

Our hearts are broken and the void in our home without these lovely sisters is felt by all of our family and friends. We felt blessed everyday that these two extraordinary Goldens were part of our family. These girls were never apart, they didn’t even like to be in the yard without the other. It was no surprise that they left us so close together. I imagine they are playing and running together as we write this. It was such a privilege to have had these sisters for 5 ½ years. Thank you to their original family for surrendering them to GRRIN and thank you to GRRIN for tenderly finding Kensie and Khiloh a home with us.

We love you Khiloh and Kensie,

Mike, Jenn, Zach, Cassie and Sarah