Deuce (aka Buddy, 07-19)

Deuce (aka Buddy, 07-19), our sweet, fuzzy-faced boy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday evening, August 22, 2014.

Deuce came to GRRIN as a skinny, scared, stray dog and found his way into our family, and our hearts. Timid and quiet, Deuce was the total opposite of our other Golden, Sugar Bear (03-44). Quickly, Sugar and Deuce became quite the pair. Sugar taught him that people are good, toys are fun, and treats are delicious. He taught her how to be a dog again, and not a fuzzy human. Together, they snuggled, played games of tug and fetch. They worked together to snatch things off the counter – preferably, Rotella’s bread. They were goofy, happy, beautiful, and sweet. When Sugar passed away, Deuce mourned her as much we did, and it took a while for him to be comfortable being the only dog in our home.

When our little girl was born, he and Sugar joined us for late-night feedings. He kept watch over the stuffed animal friends in the nursery. As our baby grew, so did the bond between her and Deuce. He wasn’t just a ‘pet’ to her, he was and still is, her puppy-brother.

Deuce was a bit of a picky eater when it came to dog food. However, he was NOT picky when it came to other foods. He loved vegetables and fruits – like blueberries, carrots, apples, strawberries, and even tomatoes. His favorite was cantaloupe. He would patiently wait for it to be cut up for him and gently remind us (with a nudge) that he’d like some more.

He was a gentle, quiet dog and rarely barked — he didn’t make much fuss about anything. He was stealthy. More times than I can count, he would appear by our side, nudge our hands with his head, wanting to be petted. He loved a good ear rub, and was happy to just be near us.

We are sad that he is gone. But we are so very thankful that his life with us was full of happiness and love. He was a very special friend, an amazing puppy-brother, and a great part of our family. We miss him so much.

Deann, Tony, and Edisyn Venditte

Deuce Vendite 07-19 3

Deuce Vendite 07-19 2