In Memory of Hutch (10-05)

We adopted Hutch from GRRIN in May of 2010. He immediately fit right in to our family and became ‘brother’ to our older Golden Retriever, Wrigley. Although our daughters were mortified to find Hutch was an adept rabbit catcher, he was also one of the cuddliest dogs I have ever known. Hutch followed us everywhere, and when we had a baby just a year later, she was Hutch’s girl. One of her first words was “Hutch” and for the 3 years they had together, he was her “Hutchy Buddy”. She wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning without a greeting from her boy! He was loved by everyone who met him…and everyone wanted to meet him because of his crazy facial hair! He had wild eyebrows and chin hair and the girls loved all the attention he brought.

One of Hutch’s favorite places was at the lake in Adams, NE where he could run like wild and go swimming. He loved chasing the geese and napping by the fire.

On July 4 of this year Hutch got a bloody nose and we soon learned that he had a very aggressive cancer in his nose. He died only a month later, on August 6. Hutch was a happy boy to the end and we miss him dearly. The kids find solace in picturing Hutch watching over them and their new puppy. Not a day goes by that they don’t talk about him, still!

Thank you, GRRIN, for bringing Hutch into our lives.
Melanie, Matt, Cameron, Paige, and Norah Farber

(The first photo is from the day we got to meet Hutch…the rest are from just this past summer)

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