In Loving Memory of Chester 98-27


In Loving Memory of Chester 98-27

On Thursday, November 11, our 13 ½ year old golden crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We were honored to have Chester with us for 3 years. He was the perfect example of what a golden retriever is. He was sweet, laid back, always wanted a treat and just didn’t want to be any trouble. We seem to always have 3 dogs at our house, and our family and friends have all made the comment that Chester was their favorite. He was just too sweet. So we will miss him a lot. Because we have fostered and adopted so many senior dogs, we put in our minds the picture of them all scampering around together with healthy bodies on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and just waiting for us to come join them. Can’t wait!

Tim and Konda


Chester, Watson and Bobalu celebrating Christmas!