In Loving Memory of Harley 02-20

On October 14th, 2010, an important GRRIN volunteer passed away, Harley, GRRIN dog 02-20. Story follows display of pictures. Hover over photo for description and click to expand image.

Harley 02-20 the toy hog with 3 toys and 2 tennis balls at one time Harley with his 3 tennis balls Harley the swim dog with Terry Harley on right with dog sister Maggie Harley and Mackenzie 09-40 Harley takes care of shy little Dolly 09-25 Harley the Mentor (left) with Cosmo (center) and Maggie (right)
On October 14th, 2010, an important GRRIN volunteer passed away. Harley (GRRIN dog 02-20) was adopted in 2002 by Terry and Lori Kirkpatrick. Harley was lovingly fostered by Julie White. When Julie needed someone to watch Harley while she went on vacation the Kirkpatricks agreed to take on their very first foster dog. Little did they know, but Harley didn’t plan on ever leaving their house and they joked that they failed Fostering 101.

The Kirkpatricks fell in love with Harley and their first foster dog became a permanent member of their family. Harley loved to swim and found every excuse to jump in the water after running at the dog park. He was a toy hog, guarding his toys from his golden sister, Maggie, and always carried three tennis balls around in his mouth. Harley soon took on a new, very important role on the GRRIN rescue team.

Since 2002, Harley and the Kirkpatricks have fostered close to 30 wonderful GRRIN dogs. While nuzzling, barking and leading the way, Harley coaxed the best out of each and every dog that entered his door. For the young, rowdy and exuberant dogs that had been surrendered to GRRIN, Harley, in his own special dog language, seemed to let them all know how to learn to start a new life with a new forever family. He taught them by example and tried to let them know how to make a great first impression. Harley talked tough to some of them to set some ground rules, but deep down he was a loving 85 pound lap dog and a big teddy bear. Harley is already greatly missed, and Terry says he might have to work a little harder with any new foster dogs that come to his home since Harley isn’t there to take so much of the lead. Harley’s contributions to GRRIN are immeasurable and we will all miss him. — Written by Andrea K. for Terry

I would like to thank fellow GRRIN rescue team member, Andrea, for writing Harley’s story for me, as I would break down every time I tried. I was fostering Molly (10-44) at the time. She really wanted to play with Harley’s tennis balls, but he would not share, was picking them up in his mouth and would run off. In the week that followed Harley crossing the bridge, Molly began to get two balls in her mouth at once it made me laugh and cry at the same time. Then just a few days later she mastered three at once. I can only conclude that this was the last lesson Harley had taught. But I believe that a little of my Harley lives on in Molly. The hardest part is coming home at the end of the day and not seeing him through the glass window in the back door waiting for me. I had changed the mufflers on both trucks as they needed it a couple of months ago, I thought that might throw him off as to when I pulled into the drive way, it didn’t. he still knew I was home. And waiting with that look, how was your day and I missed you. I love you and will miss you big guy. Terry