In Loving Memory of Watson 07-27


In Loving Memory of Watson (07-27)

Watson came to us as a foster dog and as our usual pattern, after 2 days, we couldn’t give him up, so he became our dog. He was the youngest 11 year old dog we had seen, and when he ‘crossed over the bridge’ last week, he was the youngest acting 14 year old we have seen. He could still bound up and down our hill like a youngster, especially if there was food involved. He had a stroke which took his life and we are thankful that he didn’t suffer with old age issues. He was a great big ball of fluff and we will miss him a lot.

Tim & Konda N.

07-27-watson-christmas-and-chester-031.jpg 07-27-watson-christmas-and-chester-024.jpg

Bobalou, Chester and Watson frolicking in the field.