10-22 Lindsey

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2-9-1998 to 2-24-2011
Lindsey came to us as a forever foster care Hospice Golden in Sept 2010. GRRIN labeled her as Hospice care because they said she was partially blind, partially deaf and had bad back legs. She did great with all of her ailments, most of the time you never knew she had them. She adjusted well with us and Shack, our adopted GRRIN golden. She took over his bed, so he went shopping with Irma and bought a new bed for her (she still liked to get in his bed when she could).

She loved to play with toys especially the one’s Shack would be playing with. She loved to eat popcorn if you open the can she was right there (can’t hear uh). She loved to catch it (her personal best was 10 in a row (can’t see very well either). She loved to go for walks with Shack and I, we go to Walnut Grove park everyday and she was walking about a mile a day, her legs were getting stronger. Lindsey taught Shack to beg from the table. She would lay between us and pretty soon Ron would get a gentle kick on his leg.
When you looked down at Lindsey she would be looking at you with the big brown eyes and a look of determination on her face. Lindsey was never denied. If fact when she got sick the saying went “whatever Lindsey wants Lindsey gets”. Shack got in on it too and the two really could get anything. They started to act like two kids that really cared about each other but didn’t want anyone to know. They would sleep with their paws or noses barely touching.

Then in late January we found a large lump the size of a tennis ball on her left leg it came up over night. The Vet said it was a Spindle Cell Tumor and amputation was the only hope. She turned 13 years old on February 9th so that didn’t seem to be a good option. We said we would bring her home and watch her. Her walks became to the mailbox down the street and around the yard. She never lost her playfulness and her easy going ways.
On Thursday February 24th the tumor was continuing to get bigger(about the size of a grapefruit) and she could no longer go up and down the stairs without falling. So we had to make the decision to let her go. She looked so peaceful and wasn’t hurting any more. SHE WAS ONE GREAT GIRL. We really miss her. We love you Lindsey. We know you are an angel in heaven. Ron, Irma, and Shack