In Memory of Duke 07-30

07-30 Duke Tribute snow

In Loving Memory of Duke (07-30)

Monday Afternoon, May 23, 2011 Duke has left this world and has teamed up with my other dogs in the sky. He was turned in to Golden Retriever Rescue at the age of 9 because his previous owners were going to have him put down (not a pleasant story previous to that so I am told). I was happy to provide him the best life I could for an additional 4 years…he was 8 days shy of his 13th birthday. So happy he was able to have a wonderful Sunday before I had to say goodbye. The weekend status report: He is on probably his last of his nine lives (maybe he does not know that is supposed to be for cats) – took him in to the vet Friday afternoon after the call from Mom and he has lost another 10 pounds in about 2 months. His heart was throwing beats everywhere…nobody really expected him to make it through the night but he did, stubborn I guess.

Saturday he drank a little water and ate a little steak (expensive tastes he has) and by Saturday afternoon he was back up and went for a little walk and swim! Dr Jensen said his heart may re-establish a normal pattern again and it looks like it did – for now. He is not by any means thriving, but he is eating some and drinking water and wanting to do some things. I guess that’s all I can ask for an old dog! – Michelle

07-30 Duke Tribute water