In Memory of Jordi 08-08

08-08 Jordi tribute
I never thought I would fall in love with Jordi. But I did.
In Memory of Jordi (08-08)
1995 to 2011, age 16
I hadn’t raised her from a puppy. She only lived with me for three years or so. She wasn’t totally Golden, either in mind or body. But she fit. Somehow, she just fit. It took Jordi about 6 months to believe she was here to stay. She had been in 4 foster homes before I met her. She kept my senior dog, Conner, company until he passed. She groomed him and watched over him to the end.

Then came Mindy, a solid white cat who had lost her mom/owner. They made friends right away and would cuddle up together. Then came KJ and subsequently Harry (GRRIN dog 10-34). We somehow all knew we were meant to be a family. Somewhere in the process, Jordi had become the queen of the house. She wasn’t bossy. She was quiet and caring. Again, she groomed both the boys and Mindy – just the way it was supposed to be, and seemed to look after them. They responded to her and loved her. They knew she was queen and came first. It just happened – but it all seemed natural – and right. Jordi didn’t do anything special.

But her quiet attitudes fed right into my needs, and my quiet lifestyle was just what she needed. In fact, until the last week of her life, I had never seen her play. But Lexi (GRRIN dog 11-24) came for a visit. The first night they had a fight, but apparently Jordi set her straight, and after that all was well. Lexi is the only dog Jordi played with in 3 years. At a Golden event a few years ago, it was a very hot day. There were swimming pools put out and a lot of the other Goldens were in heaven, jumping in the water to cool off. I walked Jordi over to one of the pools. She looked at me as if to ask me what she was supposed to do. I got her to step into the pool, but she just stood there, looking up at me, either not knowing what was expected of her or not liking her feet getting wet. That was the last time she got wet of her own accord. So why did I love Jordi? I don’t know – but did I ever! I will miss her – we all will. Michele, Mindy, KJ and Harry 08-08 Jordi and Mindy

Jordi and Mindy

Jordi, KJ and Harry

Jordi, KJ and Harry (GRRIN dog 10-34)