In Memory of Max 10-21

10-21 Max Tribute photo taken 2-1-2010

In memory of Max (10-21)

I’m writing to inform everyone of the passing of our foster dog, Max. Max was taken unexpectedly from us due to a large tumor that surfaced on his liver. It came suddenly with Max seeming not like himself and not wanting to eat. Max loved his food! When we took him to the great vets at Harvey Oaks they were at first thinking he might have some intestinal issues and gave him some medicine which seemed to make Max feel great again. However, in less than two days Max stopped eating completely and seemed to be getting weak. When he returned to the vet they found a large tumor on his liver that was pushing his stomach and all of his organs together.

Max quickly deteriorated and it was decided that we needed to end any pain Max was having. Max passed quietly on Valentine’s Day, one day short of his 10th birthday. It was fitting that he pass over the rainbow bridge on the day of love as he gave nothing but love to everyone. Our Max was a great dog to bring to GRRIN events. He loved everyone and was always ready for a pet or to give a kiss, especially to the children.

Max spent nine months with us and even when he decided to try to “eat” our couch we never once really wanted to part with him. Even though we worked hard to find him a home he really seemed to belong to us. This hit home when after Max passed the vet looked at me and said, “He really was your dog, wasn’t he?” Max, we miss you and hope you are having a great time with all the other dogs on the other side of that rainbow bridge.

Scott, Kelly, and Zach Bockelmann and your dog buddies Sherman 07-014 and Chloe