In Memory of Tony (00-29)

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In Loving Memory of Tony (00-29)

In 2000, when our daughter was starting junior high we thought it would be good for her to have a friend to confide in. So we contacted GRRIN and were lucky enough to be chosen to take 1-½ year-old Tony home. He quickly became a best friend to the entire family and anyone he met. We were amazed at how smart (sometimes too smart) he was and how much unconditional love he had to share.

For the next 11 years Tony was part of our family. He not only saw our daughter through junior high but he was also there for high school and even got to visit her college campus. Like all Goldens he always had a ball nearby. His favorite toy was a green Kong. Whenever we asked where his “green toy” was he’d run and find it then drop it at our feet to put a treat in.

When he was 11 years old he became a big brother to Stewart our GRRIN Goldendoodle puppy. Tony was an excellent mentor and taught Stewart how to be part of the family. Stewart followed Tony everywhere always wanting to play. Tony never acted his age and was always up for a game of fetch or a wrestling match with Stewart (which Tony always won).

Unfortunately, at 12 years of age Tony was diagnosed with cancer. He left us on June 8, 2012. We were very blessed to share Tony’s life with him and will miss him dearly. We would like to thank GRRIN for the privilege of having Tony in our family. Steve and Vickie 00-29 Tony with Stewart, GRRIN Goldendoodle

00-29 Tony with his new little brother, Stewart, GRRIN Goldendoodle

00-29 Tony with Stewart (GRRIN Goldendoodle)

00-29 Tony with his little brother, Stewart