In Memory of Casper (08-34) and remembering Queenie (08-33)

08-34 Casper In Memory with his mom 08-33 Queenie

Casper with his toy and his mom, Queenie, in the background. (Photo taken Mother’s Day, 2009.)

CASPER (08-34) May 1,1997 to May 16, 2012
QUEENIE (08-33) November 29,1994 to May 13, 2009
On a beautiful spring June day in 2008, I became a foster mom for the first time.
I was VERY lucky…not only was I fostering one Golden, but I was going to foster two Goldens…a mom, Queenie, and her son, Casper. They were a pair: Queenie loved to play ball, run, take walks, and chase squirrels and birds. Casper always had a toy in his mouth, and was very content in just laying back, looking at you with his big brown eyes, and wanting to be petted. But, he did introduced me to “counter surfing” which I didn’t like, but he seemed to enjoy it.
They were always together…never out-of-sight from each other. When Queenie was diagnosed with cancer and crossed the bridge in May 2009, Casper was very sad and lost: he was always looking for his mom. I adopted Casper, and soon after, fostered another Golden, Misty, which I also adopted a few weeks later. Casper was always watching what Misty was doing and would let me know with a nudge or a woof if he didn’t approve of her behavior. Casper turned 15 May 1st; fortunately, he wasn’t ill, his body was just giving out.
Again, it was a beautiful spring day May 16 with a slight breeze; we were all outside enjoying the weather, we had TODAY to enjoy each other. Casper went to get up, but couldn’t: it was time to cross the Bridge. Now, he is with his mom again, and I can just visualize both of them romping around being soooo happy to be together once again and forever. Thank you Casper and Queenie for sharing a part of your life and love with me. Both of your families will always have wonderful memories and much love for both of you: you will always be in our hearts!