In Memory of Ally (10-53)

I couldn’t figure out how to share my post on your page, but I wanted to let you know that sadly, Ally 10-53 crossed the rainbow bridge today.

I wanted to share my story in hopes that it may encourage someone else to adopt a senior dog, or any dog needing a home. Please feel free to share my story if you want. I am forever grateful to you for bringing her into my life.

Please give your pups an extra scratch on the neck, an extra treat and a big hug tonight in honor of Ally.

My third or fourth foster dog from GRRIN was Ally. She was dropped off at a vets office nearby with her owner saying they were done and wanted her put down. Thankfully the vet offered to take her and she was surrendered to GRRIN.

I can’t imagine what they were “done” with. She was kind, gentle, well mannered, house broken and the most well behaved foster dog I had experienced. At eight years old she was considered a senior but you wouldn’t know it playing with her. Her only fault was her fear of being abused. Something she knew all too well. I knew she was a special soul and needed someone special to adopt her. Someone who would fill the rest of her life with love.

I took her to her first meet and greet and a few really nice people asked about adopting her. As the day went on, I noticed myself starting to keep her away from the potential adopters and feeling like I wasnt sure about them. By the end of the event, it was clear that I wasn’t going to be able to let her go- she was supposed to be ours. She and I were like old friends in the short time I had known her. They call it failing a foster, but really, I won with her. Going through some very tough times in my life, Ally was my rock. The number of times she let me cry into her fur when life as a single mom seemed too much, too many to count. Seeing her asleep next to me on the bed made me feel not so alone. I thought about how badly she had been treated before and how she kept her spirit and was able to overcome. I was able to apply her spirit to my own situations. I am forever grateful for her presence during that period in my life.

Today, my sweet girl crossed the rainbow bridge. In her final moments, I thanked her for everything she gave me and told her how much I loved her. With Ally, it isn’t about the loss I feel now, but how much both of us gained when I adopted her. Again-please give your pups an extra scratch on the neck, an extra treat and a big hug tonight in honor of Ally.

Thank you for bringing her into my life.

Ally 10-53 Profile Pic.jpg