In Memory of Buffy (14-07)

On January 25, we lost one of our precious GRRIN rescue dogs.  Buffy came into GRRIN from the Iowa Golden Retriever Rescue (IGRR).  She was 11 years old and wouldn’t live with any other dog.  Because of her age, she needed to be in hospice care, a permanent foster home.  Buffy was matched with a wonderful woman named Judy, who had her own medical problems.  Judy had lost her Golden Gracie about a year before bringing Buffy into her home.  The two were happy with one another for almost two years, then Buffy started to have trouble getting up.  Buffy was humanely euthanized in her last home, with Judy, and friends Judy and Kate by her side.  No matter how long a rescue dog lives in her last forever home, it’s wonderful to make him or her happy and loved.

14-07 Buffy Collage