In memory of Cheeto 13-12

On May 11, 2021, our best boy Cheeto crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  His courage was admirable. He survived intestinal cancer and tolerated repeated ultra sounds and X-rays for three years. Then, never letting on that just a few months following a checkup cancer had returned. This time it was a fast-growing tumor that consumed his abdomen. We hope all who loved him (and it was a lot of people) will remember all the good times he gave us. Cheeto loved company, someone new to pet and admire him. He loved winter, snow, a dip in the pool, and opening presents. They didn’t have to be for him, he was happy to help you with yours! He loved climbing in bed with us each morning. He was a spooner, stretching his body out right up against us. Car rides were good, a vacation was better. And boy did he love tomatoes. He would wait until they were perfectly red and then pick them off like a skilled gardener.  After many attempts to keep him out of the garden, we finally enclosed it with a dog kennel!

When you love a pet, you get their love in return tenfold. We feel so fortunate that Cheeto shared his love with us.

Ken and Merry Hinton