In Memory of Molly 11-29

It is with a broken heart that I write to inform you that we said goodbye to our sweet Molly 11-29 on October 30, 2021. Molly came to us in 2011, shy and unsure of her role in life. With the help of her Golden sister Summer, Molly slowly learned how to be a happy dog. She enjoyed walks, treats, and constant attention. She was my Velcro dog, my shadow, my once in a lifetime dog. She had to constantly have a paw or her head on me at all times in order to to feel content. When Molly met someone new, she immediately climbed right into their heart and left a lasting impression. Molly spent every waking moment by my side, whether it was rocking newborn babies in the middle of the night, cleaning up food off the kitchen floor, riding sleds with the kids and going to the park, or just lounging in her backyard. Molly was truly the best companion I could have ever asked for, extremely wise and intuitive, always giving me a little extra TLC just when I needed it. Thank you GRRIN for allowing our paths to cross and our souls to join. Molly passed peacefully in her sleep at home in my arms after we had learned that her heart was surrounded by fluid due to a tumor. We did all that we could to save her, but in in the end it was time to let her go. I will be forever grateful that her journey led her to me, and that for 10 fleeting years, I was hers and she was mine.

Annie Walcutt & Family