In memory of Daisy 13-04 and Ginger 14-36

This year of 2017 has been a tough year for our family. Our sweet Daisy #13-04 and spunky Ginger #14-36  have both recently “Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge” to meet all of our other animals that have preceded them. Daisy was 14 and Ginger 13 and they both came to live with us when they were 10. It might not seem like they were here very long, but they sure had a good life while they were here, and gave us so much love. Daisy came to us when all of a sudden one of our dogs died and our remaining dog, Georgia was so nerved out by being alone, we got Daisy to calm her down and she was a perfect fit. Ginger was with us because she was such a challenge as a foster dog and took an extra long time to get her ready for adoption, we decided she just needed to stay with us, and we are all glad she did as it was perfect for all of us. We miss them so much and now Georgia gets all of our attention once again. Thank you to GRRIN for letting us take care of 2 fantastic Goldens.

Special note: Tim & Konda have fostered GRRIN dogs for over a decade, opening their home to senior dogs and dogs with special needs. Daisy and Ginger are just two of the very lucky fosters who spent their rescue lives with such an amazing family!