In Memory of Chloe 08-38

Chloe joined our family shortly before she turned 5 years old. She was surrendered due to severe hip dysplasia. A vet evaluation and x-ray indicated her hips both needed replaced. However, prior to proceeding with surgery it was recommended we try a more conservative approach. Chloe went from walking less than a block to more than a mile with the support of joint supplements, anti-inflammatory medications & acupuncture. Increasing exercise and monitoring her diet lead to a 20# weight loss, down to her ideal weight of 50#. She was able to avoid hip replacement & kept her own hips for the rest of her life, 9 more years. (Photo note: Even blind Chloe was interested in moving forward and exploring her environment.)

Chloe was a happy sweet girl. She was yin to our Josie’s yang, they were a perfectly balanced pair. Upon Josie’s death Chloe taught us that even with sadness we could move forward. Chloe moved forward with grace and courage. In 2016 she became blind and due to severe, uncontrolled eye pain we had her eyes removed. Without the pain she had a new lease on life and spring in her step again.

Chloe was always at the side of our resident and foster dogs providing comfort in times of need. When we brought a new pup into our household she was a patient teacher, calmly showing him what was expected of him.  She was always a quiet, unassuming presence in our household.

Though she is greatly missed, we feel comforted by her memories. A sweeter girl was never known. Like all our dogs we know we’ll never have another one just like her. We hope Chloe is having fun again with Josie, playing rowdy, picking apples from the tree, eating snow and even catching birds mid flight as she did in her younger years.

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