In Memory of Maggie (Thunder / Kelly; 07-26)

Maggie was such a gift!  She was always happy and ready to let anyone pet her.  …And, excellent at ‘tricking’ you into it! A friend said Maggie’s motto was “People were put on earth  …to pet Maggie.”

She was seven when adopted and I wondered if she would ever do her happy dance for me like she did for her long-term foster family. Not to worry, she did. And, did her “run in circles catching my tail routine” to the end. She was a great car dog too. Short errand-running rides or driving to Denver, she was ready to go.

Hoping to have Maggie do a personality transplant, we added a Golden Doodle puppy to the family (allergies prevent two Goldens at once). I wanted her to teach Rudy how to be a great dog. Little did I expect him to teach her how to lighten up and play again. She was happy to have a ‘brother’ to catch those ridiculous balls people kept throwing.  …Maggie never embraced the ‘retriever’ part of her breed!

Her last year was quiet, managing her arthritis with meds and acupuncture. Thinking she had a sprain, we discovered she had a break and bone cancer in late September. Saying good-bye was tough, but the memories and good times far outweigh the sadness.

Maggie was a true blessing. Thank you to the original owners who surrendered her to GRRIN, to Laura and Rich for fostering her and to GRRIN for allowing me to adopt her.
(Attached picture was taken this summer.  She loved to just hang around!)