In Memory of Mama Dog


Sometimes it’s the small gains, and knowing you made a difference. We had 4 years with Mama, aka Angel 13-09.

In March almost 4 years ago, we took her in through GRRIN, scared and about to have puppies. She had a noble name, “Dakota Lady”, and had likely produced puppies for 100+ buyers.

As bad as her living conditions were, (product of a large raid) in my mind, equally bad was the deception. Every time someone bought one of her brokered puppies, they bought into a filth ridden dog farm, thinking that they’d purchased a dog bred by a beautiful pampered dog known as “Dakota Lady”.

Don’t be fooled, don’t be taken advantage of ALWAYS ALWAYS… See the Mama and her REAL home if you’re gonna buy a puppy.

In four years, our Mama made great strides, she loved a small circle of people, learned to bark and run for miles. She learned to swim, dig holes and roll downhill LOL! She never trusted human touch but loved her “pack” and her new life.

ps…… much thanks to GRRIN, Barbara Garrett, Julie Sharp, Holsteins Clinic and frequent Facebook messages to Sadie Benoit, Denise Brasel Smith, Enita Larson and probably a few more people!

RIP and many Happy Trails Mama

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