In memory of Max 19-37

On May 16, 2022 I said goodbye to my best boy, Max.

I joined GRRIN in July of 2019 and accepted two fosters in October of that year. Max (my sweet golden) and Bubba (an equally sweet black lab) were found in less than optimal conditions near Kansas City. The man that found them contacted GRRIN about taking the pair. Soon, Max and Bubba were on their way to Lincoln. They were not only my first fosters with GRRIN, they were my first dogs as an adult. I grew up with dogs but had never had one since coming to college. But, something about their story spoke to me.

The goal was to keep Max and Bubba together but, we soon saw that they were not the bonded pair we thought they were. After a few tries with different foster homes, it was decided Max would come back to me and Bubba would remain with another foster mom.

I officially adopted Max on March 21, 2020, the week COVID shut our world down. To say this was fate would be an understatement. I truly have no idea how I would have managed without him. Living alone, working from home, we were together 24/7. Our routine consisted of dog park visits, car rides, walks, and all the treats he could handle. And, no surprise to golden lovers, he was adored by everyone. The people we met at the dog park and on our walks were our social circle during the pandemic. I loved him for getting me out of the house and he loved meeting all of the grandpas and toddlers on our adventures (his two favorite groups of people). We explored the parks, trails, and country roads in and around Lincoln.

Max loved chicken, sniffing EVERYTHING, road trips, rolling in the grass, cool wood floors, his doggy best friends, and his mom. I loved him back with my whole heart.

Max was approximately 13 years old when he came to live with me so I always knew our time was limited. That I had 2+ years with him was a blessing. Thank you GRRIN for all you did for my sweet boy.

“If this hurt is the cost of the transaction of being on the receiving end of a mighty love…then I pay it with enormous gratitude.” ESPN sportscaster, Scott Van Pelt, on the loss of his beloved dog, Otis.