In Memory of Harley 10-82

It is with very heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our sweet Harley. We adopted him from GRRIN in 2011. He was 2 years old at the time. He fit right into our family, it was love at first sight!

In 2015 he suffered from a spinal embolism and was not able to support his weight, stand, or walk. Although we were told that his odds of recovering were not good, we believed in our hearts that he could recover from this tragic medical event. We slowly strengthened his legs by getting him in the pool and doing exercises with his legs. One day, he unexpectedly stood up and walked over to his food all on his own! There was no stopping him after that! He loved to swim, play with his toys, explore the yard, and snuggle most of all. He was an unbelievable companion and just wanted to be wherever we were. After his embolism, he had a slight limp. I was telling our mailman about it one day and he said “well, he is just a little miracle!” He certainly was!

We were so proud when he was selected as Mr. August for the GRRIN calendar! It still hangs in our home today! Our hearts are broken and we miss him every day. We do take comfort in the fact that he had a good long life, he almost made it to 13 years! He gave us so much love and joy. Thank you GRRIN for bringing our sweet little man, Harley, to us. He truly did leave pawprints on our hearts.