In Memory of Roxie


With sadness I wanted to let you know that on Easter Sunday we put our sweet Roxie to rest.  We found out 2 months ago that she had cancer in her lungs.  Being 12 we didn’t think it fair to put her through a surgery that would be painful, possibly fatal, and probably not helpful.  We spent the last couple of months spoiling her with all the attention she could take (that’s a lot for a golden), any food she wanted and privileges she deserved . . . I guess that wasn’t all that different than how she lived her whole life!  A year and a half ago when Marco and Marley came as foster dogs, Roxie decided they would be her successors.  Her love for them was the final deciding factor for us to adopt these big baby boys that we never would have known would be perfect for us.  She knew.  She welcomed them in and taught them the Ryan lifestyle.  In the last couple of months Roxie was very tired and she weakened.  Jeff would carry her upstairs to our bed every night, and we cherished our time with her.  On Easter morning I knew things were different.  By late afternoon we felt her labored breathing had crossed over to suffering and it was time for us to let her rest.  As we’ve told our friends, I know that none of them will understand so clearly as you, our GRRIN family, how we feel, how she will never be replaced, how nothing will fill that hole that’s left, but how we just thank God for the gift He gave us in her, that we were the chosen ones to live with this sweet pup.