In Memory of Bo (08-02)


It is so hard to say good bye. Bo, we love you, we miss you, and we thank you for being in our lives. You brought us great joy in the happy times and comforted us in the difficult times. You touched many lives. You were a special blessing. Bo you will be in our hearts forever.

On March 17, 2016 our beloved Bo passed away. He had been a member of our family for 8 wonderful years. Bo was a big, handsome, loving dog. Bo was the best dog in the whole world. Our hearts are very heavy.

10.Bo in Grass 08-02

We first met Bo at a GRRIN meet and greet in the Mega Mart at NE Furniture Mart. We fell in love with him the first time we saw him. We are very grateful to GRRIN for giving us the privilege of adopting him. From the first day Bo came to live with us he was the perfect dog. He never had any accidents in the house or chewed anything up. He was a huge part of lives and family. He loved going everywhere with us and was a wonderful traveler. Bo loved big, fuzzy stuffed animals. He would get so excited when he would get a new one and would run around showing it off.

2 Bo H stuffed toy 08-02

Bo would sleep with them but would never chew them up. He was a sweet, gentle soul. Bo loved to sing to the theme song of Two and a Half Men. Whenever he heard that song on the TV, he would throw back his head and loudly sing along. We would laugh and clap and he would be so proud. Many times we would fall asleep with the TV on, only to be awakened later by Bo singing to re-runs of Two and a Half Men. It was the only song he sang to.

After Bo had been with us for about a year, we stated to foster for GRRIN. He was a wonderful Ambassador Dog for the foster dogs. He showed them the ropes and how to behave. After having several fosters, we adopted Jake, the 2nd best dog in the whole world. Bo and Jake bonded immediately and became best friends and brothers.

The two of them went many places with us. They enjoyed going on walks, but they really loved going on adventures. They went with us to outside concerts, shopping and many trips to Texas to visit family. Bo’s favorite place was the Old Market. He loved to eat outside at the Spaghetti Works and go on carriage rides. He thought he was the king of the world when he was sitting in the carriage with a horse pulling him down the street. At the holidays we took the two of them visiting at Senior Care Centers. The residents really enjoyed them. Of course they had to go through the embarrassment of dressing up like reindeers and Easter bunnies.

8 Bo Lion 08-02

Last December, several weeks before Christmas, Bo got sick. He became lethargic and his head tilted to one side. We took him to the vet. They said it could be something as simple as a virus or the worst scenario, a brain tumor. They gave him an antibiotic and in a week he was back to normal. We thought it must have been a virus. All our family was home for Christmas and we had a wonderful time. Bo loved it when family stayed at our house and the extra treats from holiday dinners. We were all so happy that Bo was well. The kids loved to hear him sing and the made a video of him.

Bo was well for 3 months and we had many adventures during that time. Bo had his 9th birthday and of course, he got a new stuffed animal. On March 16th he got sick again and passed away one day later. We really believe That God gave us those last three months as a special gift.

4 Bo & Michele 08-02

Bo was a huge part of our lives. Some day when the hurt isn’t so great, we will have many wonderful memories. Jake has some very big shoes to fill, but we are sure in time, he will be the best dog in the whole world.

With all our love,
Dave, Michele, and Jake

7 Dave, Bo, Michele Huffman 08-02


5 Bo H & Michele 08-02

9.Bo on Deck-flowers 08-02