The Best “Bad” Dog

Carly was our  family’s fourth Golden Retriever and the best ‘bad’ dog we had.  She was in heat, not house-trained, full of worms, and functionally blind when she arrived. I agreed to take her because my husband was in declining health and missed our most recent dog, Molly, deeply.

Carly did provide the love every Golden brings, but she was a destroyer too. She did in three leashes, one pair of shoes, one winter jacket, one dog bed, and many items snatched off the counter–mostly fruit and veggies, but also one bag of bread flour.

Carly captured our hearts, however. After GRRIN spent a vast sum to have her eyes operated on and Carly could see her world clearly, rides with her were not so enjoyable for humans. She had to defend us from every car we passed on the road. The barking was loud and persistent, but thank heavens the girl could see!

When my husband passed away, Carly’s love saved my life, gave me someone to take care of, and eased my grief. Perhaps feeling her big job was done, she succumbed to a very aggressive form of cancer in July of 2022.