In Memory of Scooter (09-53)

09-53 Scooter

In Loving Memory of Scooter (09-53)

Sadly, Scooter recently lost her battle with mast cell tumors. It was hard on her, but she never stopped fighting. Scooter came into our lives just over a year and a half ago. Although she was in our home for only a short time, she will be in our hearts forever. We don’t know much about the first six years of her life, but we know she deserved better than she got. They told us that when she was first picked up by GRRIN, she was painfully withdrawn. With the help of the GRRIN volunteers, especially her foster mom Susie, she started to come around. She was still shy when we first met her, but she seemed to respond to us. We knew she belonged in our family. Luckily, the people at GRRIN agreed. Scooter did not let her rough start in life prevent her from loving us, and becoming a part of the family. She found that her trust and love were returned, and she overcame her fear of men. It is a testament to Scooter’s loving spirit and soul that she didn’t give up on people. She quickly became best friends with Kate (a 3 year old Golden) and Hobbes (a cat). Scooter would run and roughhouse with Kate in their backyard. When she had enough, she would just lie still until Kate went away and left her alone. She was happy sitting next to us, or out in the yard sniffing the breeze. I’m sure there were stories in those scents that only she could tell. We will miss her standing in our way so that we had to pet her to get around her. We will miss the thump-thump-thump of her tail. We will miss the howl of greeting when we were gone too long, or when she wanted some attention. We miss her terribly, but these, and other, joyful memories help ease the pain. Joe and Nancy 09-53 Scooter and Kate

Scooter (napping) with Kate