In memory of Jack 09-05

This morning, with very heavy hearts, we said a final goodbye to our best boy, Jack. We found Jack through Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska (GRRIN). The story is that he and his sister were found on the side of the road near Nebraska City, where they were huddled inside a deer carcass trying to stay warm. When I applied for a dog through GRRIN at the end of 2008, I wasn’t looking for a puppy — in fact, I had specifically requested an older dog. In January 2009, the folks at GRRIN called and asked me to reconsider. They had a puppy who needed a home right away. I agreed to meet him, and the rest is history. Jack has been a grumpy old man since the beginning. I will miss his insistent nudges, stubborn personality, and hilarious antics. We will all miss his ever-wagging tail and undying love for his people. Rest easy, sweet boy. Find Copper – you two will be fast friends.

Jack’s adoption story can be read here.