In Memory of Snoopy (Toby) 11-04

On 4/23/2011 GRRIN blessed us with this 1 ½ year-old gentle, lovable, giant red dog that immediately stole our hearts and changed our lives forever. Originally named Toby, his GRRIN foster dad renamed him Snoopy due to his habit of always poking his big head in every open cabinet, drawer, closet or refrigerator door. For the first several weeks with us he appeared to be very shy. We did not hear a peep out of him. We began to wonder if he even knew how to bark. But one day when we apparently were not paying enough attention to him, he found his voice! After that our house was never quiet again. He loved his “babies” (stuffed toys), playing tug of war and chasing his sister Bella, an Australian Shepherd. When Bella did not seem interested in playing, he would gently head butt her until she would join the game.

Very soon after adopting him we discovered Snoopy’s purpose in life..….to make people smile. Whether it was laying in the front door in the morning greeting people as they walked their dogs and kids going to school, hanging his head out of the truck window at a stop light or carrying one of his huge stuffed toys around the neighborhood on his walks, he always brought a smile or a laugh from everyone who saw him. On one of his walks where he was carrying an oversized stuffed bone in his mouth a lady stopped her car in the middle of the street and got out, walked over to Snoopy and said, “I am having an awful day……can I please hug your dog?” She did and then stood up with the biggest smile on her face, thanked us and got back in her car and drove away. That was how he always affected people. Our gentle, lovable giant.

Because of that personality, Snoopy quickly became a celebrity in our neighborhood and other places we frequented with him. He especially loved going to Village Pointe, where in many stores he was known by name, trips to the Plaza in Kansas City and to the local Scooters coffee drive thru where the girls working there adored him. They loved to feed him treats and pet him and had his picture from a Christmas card posted in the store. Snoopy loved everyone and everyone loved him.

Sadly, on 10/4/2019 after a short battle with a very aggressive cancer Snoopy crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be forever with his sister Bella and brother Mack. With that our lives again changed. As with the passing of all Goldens, the world is a little sadder place without him. We are very grateful to GRRIN for helping us have those wonderful 8 ½ years. Although gone, Snoopy will be in our hearts forever.