In memory of Odie 09-01

We wanted to let you know of Odie’s passing. He passed peacefully early this morning. On Saturday we noticed that Odie was not eating and seemed lethargic. We took him into the vet and found that he had a splenic tumor that had spread to other parts of his body. There were multiple masses around his kidneys and he had lots of fluid build up in his body. With his age, surgery was not a great option as it would not have done him any good. But we want to thank you. Thank you for giving us Odie. He has been such a wonderful part of our lives and we loved him unconditionally. A piece of me feels gone, but I know we will see him again. It was one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. Our Odie boy is gone from this earth, but not from our hearts. He will be forever a part of us.

We adopted Odie in February of 2013. He has been such a goofball and has loved on us for the past 6 1/2 almost 7 years. He has been there for us during some tough times. When I miscarried back in 2014, he never left my side. When I became pregnant with our second daughter, he never left my side. He would set his head next to my big belly and just laid there, keeping us protected. He has protected, amused, and loved our daughters. He was such a good boy. He loved to smile. And he smiled all the way up to the end. One of my favorite memories was when we first got Odie. His foster mom, Mandy, warned us that he loved pizza and would always try and steal hers. Well the first night we brought him home, he proved her right! He snatched that piece of pizza out of my hand so fast. Odie loved the water. He had such a blast when we took him up into the mountains in Colorado and he got to swim in the lakes. We thought we were going to have to swim out there to get him because he wouldn’t get out. Oh, that sweet boy. We have shed many tears these past few days and it was almost unbearable to leave him today. But he is smiling down on us now as our guardian angel.

We will miss him dearly.

Thank you,
Tristian and Philip W.

Odie’s original adoption story is here.