Happy Tails

Our goal in GRRIN is to get every foster dog to their forever home. Each “Happy Tail” is a reflection of the caring effort shared by volunteers and the families who open up their homes to a rescued Golden Retriever.

Would you like to submit a story for your recently adopted dog or send an update for a former adoption? Contact GRRIN at webmaster@grrin.org.

19-27 Ash

Hello All! We are having too much fun! We have been adopted by Michelle who thanks our foster home for taking care of us for a little bit longer than planned. Michelle had knee surgery shortly after her almost 15 year old Nicki #11-22 passed away and was surprised to see us, the dynamic duo of brothers suddenly appear on the website. She put her name in expecting it to be awhile before GRRIN contacted her but she received a pretty fast response! I guess maybe there are not too many who are able to take on 2 new dogs at once! … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Michelle W.
  • #19-27

19-23 Russell (Formerly Oreo)

Yes, my name is Russell. A very fine name it is. It used to be Oreo. My new family changed it because it fit me better. I turned 2 in June. I am still very much a puppy. I love to play and romp around with the kids and other dogs. I do tear up toys so I get mostly bones to play with and chew on. I love to go on car rides. I am really good in the car. I have good leash skills. I walk well when it is on me. Sometimes Mom and Dad will put … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Amy & Nolan C. and kids Graham and Flynn
  • #19-23

19-20 Zoey

Zoey lost her battle with cancer on December 30, 2019, but she had an amazing seven months with her foster family. They never thought twice about caring for Zoey and making her a “furever” part of the family, which is why her story will live on GRRIN’s Happy Tails pages. New Zoey update: We have sad news to share. Zoey’s cancer has spread to her lymph nodes. We can still hope for a miracle, but Zoey may not have as much time left as we had hoped for her. You would never know she’s fighting this disease, she’s her usual … Continue reading

  • #19-20

19-25 Boomer

Hi everyone! This is Boomer. I am loving my new home. My new golden brother, Seeger, is old like me. We are both hang-arounds. I do like to go outside and play. I have more energy than Seeger has and I am actually a little bit older than he is. No one can believe that I am really 13 years old! He has more arthritis than I do, and since I joined the family, he has gotten up and around and started moving better! We go and chase bunnies when we see them. I am helping him! What a great … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Ralph & Kari
  • #19-26

19-22 Doug (Formerly Halas)

I have just been running in circles celebrating everything. I celebrated my first birthday on August 27th and got so many presents! But, the best present was celebrating my first birthday in my new, fur-ever home with my new, fur-ever family: Shawn, Russ, Amanda, Abby, and my fur-sister Joy. My tail is still wagging with excitement and happiness. Also, my name changed: I’m now Douglas Halas…but, all of you can call me Doug. An added surprise to my celebration was going to a lake and going swimming. I had so much fun chasing the waves and swimming in the lake … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Russ & Shawn
  • #19-22

19-17 Jack

Hey Everybody, My name is Jack and I want to tell you about my wonderful experience thanks to the great folks at GRRIN. I was surrendered because of changes within my family structure and we had to move to an apartment. Well, my other mom knew I was too BIG for an apartment so she gave me up to GRRIN. GRRIN found me a great foster family who got me ready to go to my forever family. Rick and Joy helped me settle down and I got to hang with their dog, Sadie. Sadie was really chill, but I wish … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Glenn & Linda
  • #19-17

19-19 Milo (Formerly Chip)

I am always excited. But, I’m REALLY excited now. I have a new fur-ever home and a new name: MILO (I like it!). Everything happened so quickly. The wonderful GRRIN volunteers took me to my foster family, Mary Jane and Regan, and within a couple of days they felt I would be a wonderful addition to their family. You see, they already had a Golden the same age as me. We instantly became best playmates… people said we were “two peas in a pod.” So now I have the most awesome fur-sister, Maisie. We play constantly. We really like running … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Mary Jane and Regan
  • #19-19

19-21 Rocky

It’s Rocky here and I feel like a completely new, two-year old Golden. Being a breeder dog I really didn’t have much exposure to life experiences: playful fur-friends; toys; car rides; social events; and humans who showered me with affection. But, when GRRIN came and picked me up and took me to my foster home, I knew that my forgotten dreams came true. My foster parents, Jon and Sue, made sure I was always comfortable and felt secure. My foster fur-siblings, Harley and Bear, taught me how to play with toys and run free around the yard. We went to … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Gregg
  • #19-21

19-18 Annie

Just in case you are wondering, it is true, there is love at first sight and some stories really do have a happy ending. Recently when my owner realized I was too much for him to manage he turned to GRRIN. I am so happy he trusted GRRIN and they have certainly done right by me. I am around 8 years old, but I see no need to bother with numbers. As is usual, when GRRIN takes a dog into their care they take them to a vet to confirm there are no health problems. I am a big girl, … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jane & Jacque
  • #19-18

19-05 Auggie

Hi everyone, this is Auggie! Just wanted to check in and let you know how I’m doing since moving to my wonderful, forever home. I hardly know where to start. You may remember I was a retired breeding dog rescued by GRRIN earlier this year. I was so fortunate to have an incredible foster dad who, along with his resident Golden (also a GRRIN dog, of course!), helped me go from being a shy guy to a happy, confident dog who now enjoys life to the fullest. Since being adopted by Dave, Sharyn, Charlie (their resident Golden), and another canine … Continue reading

  • #19-05

19-03 Charley

Hi everyone! I am Charley. I am an old fella but still full of spirit! I came to live with Robin and Gary and their Golden, Flash. I sure love it here! One of my favorite things to do is to chase toads and rabbits and also hunt birds. Going on walks with Dad is lots of fun too! Flash has become my buddy; so much that I am going to stay here forever! Yay!! I am a happy boy! Thanks GRRIN for finding me such a great home!  

  • Adopted by: Gary, Robin & Flash
  • #19-03

18-16 Daisy

We are Daisy (8 Golden Retriever) and Sydney (15 Lhasa Apso Mix), and boy, have we had a crazy year! In the summer of 2018, our owner had to give us up due to medical problems. We spent a couple of months kenneled at our veterinarian’s office before we were lucky enough to be moved to our GRRIN foster home with Patty and John, and their Golden Retriever, Jake. We really enjoyed our time there, as Patty and John really gave us a loving, stable home, and Jake was fun to play with! This past January, Beth & Garry stepped … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Gary & Beth
  • #18-16

18-17 Sydney

We are Daisy (8 Golden Retriever) and Sydney (15 Lhasa Apso Mix), and boy, have we had a crazy year! In the summer of 2018, our owner had to give us up due to medical problems. We spent a couple of months kenneled at our veterinarian’s office before we were lucky enough to be moved to our GRRIN foster home with Patty and John, and their Golden Retriever, Jake. We really enjoyed our time there, as Patty and John really gave us a loving, stable home, and Jake was fun to play with! This past January, Beth & Garry stepped … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Gary & Beth
  • #18-17

19-14 Benny

Our sweet Benny boy has been the best addition to our family! We can’t imagine our life without his never ending energy and affectionate kisses. Benjamin enjoys exploring the neighborhood and then flopping himself on the kitchen tile to cool off after. Ben likes to stay hydrated and reminds us that he’s around with wet floors and deep burps after a good long drink. He’ll do anything for a treat and has begun to spin in circles and roll over if we even look like we might give him a crumb of anything. Benjamin has also decided that it’s necessary … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Torin & Kelsey
  • #19-14

19-15 Riley Jane

Look at me…. Riley Jane, in my very own back yard. I love everything about my new home, especially my big, back yard where I can run, play ball, or just lay around soaking up some sun. I know my previous family will be happy that I now have a new fur-ever home and it has a yard. My new mom, Linda, just couldn’t resist my calm, loving personality: so she adopted me. We have a lot of fun together going for walks, meeting new, friendly neighbor fur-friends, playing in my yard, going for car rides, and I’m even going to go to school … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Linda
  • #19-15

19-10 Penny (formerly Dolly)

Our family is really happy to have adopted Penny from GRINN this past April. Penny was a breeder mom and now is loving her new home. We feel blessed to have this wonderful 3-year-old Golden as part of our family. Penny is now a sister to our 6-year-old Golden Retriever named Ivy. They are inseparable and love to do everything together. Penny loves taking long walks around the neighborhood, playing fetch and doing tricks for treats! She loves to snuggle and take long naps and is always on the lookout for squirrels. Thanks GRINN for the wonderful addition to our … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Jud and Danette
  • #19-10

19-11 Kevin

I am living my BEST life with my new furever family Leann and Jeff. Once I found the right family, I knew it was my home. When I was rescued, i wasn’t sure if I even wanted people to touch me. I was scared and didn’t know what life was like outside of breeding. Thanks to my patient foster family, they helped me learn what life was like being a dog. Well, let me tell you, life is GREAT! I am as happy as can be with my new mom, dad and brother. I found out that I love to … Continue reading

  • #19-11

19-12 Russell

I am loving life in my new “furever” home with John and Terry! Thank you, GRRIN, for helping me find my loving, new family.    

  • #19-12

19-13 Jack

Jack has been the perfect dog ever since he found his furever home with Joe and Rita! He has helped make his new family’s house feel like home again. It took him a couple of days to understand that the huge yard was all for him; so at first, he stayed close to the house. Now he is comfortable and happy running all over the yard. Jack loves to snuggle up with his family and is a happy playful puppy. He is learning to chase squirrels and is excited to grow and learn from such a wonderful family.    

  • Adopted by: Joe & Rita
  • #19-13

19-09 Hanna

Hanna was adopted! Stay tuned for her happy tail! Hanna was surrendered to GRRIN due to uncontrollable circumstances. This beautiful girl has adapted quickly to several changes before getting to her foster home. We don’t expect anymore changes for her though, because her foster family would like to make her a permanent member of the family!

  • Adopted by: Kelley
  • #19-09

18-19 Cooper

Cooper here! I L-O-V-E my new home. I have two awesome Golden brothers. Leroy is old and ignores me but the Crosby is almost the same age as me and we play all day long! (Even when our parents tell us to stop) I was already a master at coming when called and sitting, but now I’m learning to lay down, stay, and “be gentle.” Not really sure what that means yet, but dad always tries to have me accept treats in slow motion instead of scarf them down. Annoying! But I’m getting the hang of it. I love hanging … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Brian and Abby
  • #18-19

19-07 Benji (formerly Cav)

Benji is 9 1/2 months old, happy, energetic and still very curious about things. He loves to get the newspaper in the mornings, after which he sits, lays down, rolls over and gets a treat. He happily meets new dogs and neighbors on our walks, and is a champ at obedience training. He likes his kiddie pool to lay down and cool off in. Benji loves his new family and we love him.

  • Adopted by: Brent & Brenda K.
  • #19-07

19-04 Brody

Hi everyone, I’m Brody. For my entire life of five years, I was a breeder dog where every day was the same: nothing new, same living conditions day after day. Then one day everything in my life changed. People came and hugged me and told me everything will be fine. I went for a car ride which was kind of scary for me. Then I went to a house where there were steps (yikes!); there were clean bowls with food in them where I could eat; a blanket and pillow where I could lay down and sleep; and toys that I could play with; and … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Paul & Sharon
  • #19-04

19-01 Roxy & 19-02 Abby

Hi, I’m Roxy, a 4-year old Golden Doodle. And, I’m Abby, a 7-year old Havanese, and we are totally the very Best Fur-Buddies Forever (BFBF). We are inseparable. That is why when our life-time owners had to make the difficult decision to find a new fur-ever home for us, they wanted to be sure we stayed together. They contacted GRRIN because they knew GRRIN would find the perfect home for both of us to stay together.  And they did. We went to a fabulous foster home where everyone was so nice and made us feel so comfortable and happy. Immediately, … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Brian and Caren

18-18 Carley (Sarge)

Hey, this is Carley! You probably recognize me as the GRRIN dog previously known as Sarge, right? I have a new name to go along with my wonderful new forever home and life with Kevin, Pam, and Abby. Guess what – Abby is a GRRIN dog, too!! Everything has been going great with me ever since the folks with GRRIN made sure I landed in an awesome foster family who took such good care of me. I had a little bit of growing up to do – maturity wise – but I am so eager to please that learning to … Continue reading

  • Adopted by: Kevin and Pam
  • #18-18